The ideas
K-in* is a duo of multi instrumentalist players. We compose and perform music by proccesing electronic and acoustic instruments alive.
K-in* uses XXI century contemporary techniques side by side with popular music concepts.

Repetita Iuvant iis a show (or a concert or a workshop) that aims to teach through surprising, using the latest digital technologies to transform traditional instruments and everyday objects into acoustic illusions.

Repetita Iuvant shows the power of musical construction helping the audience to understand the thought of now a days composers. 
The music on stage happens under the influence of many different styles around the world and the history: electronic music, contemporary xx century music, jazz, early music, flamenco, Indian and indonesian music... 
The audience will experiment diverse techniques of manipulating sound: morphing, live cross and granular synthesis, spectral proccesing... surrounding them.
Our video "Looping" (see below) has been finalist for the INVI awards (audiovisual innovation). Repetita iuvant
Miguel Gil Ruiz
Miguel Gil Ruiz
Spain- Madrid (1964)
Summa cum Laude at Berklee College of Music (Boston) and Masters in Composition and Theory of Karnatic Music at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. Currently he is working on his PHD: "Ornamentation and microtonality in debla "
Winner of “Villa de Madrid” award by Madrid City Council and the “Rome Prize”. He also won the “Altadis Foundation Prize” and the “Broadcasting Arts Prize” in the field of sound art and electroacoustic music. He has been selected for the International Tribune of Composers of UNESCO in 1997.
Teacher at the Conservatory of Asturias from 2007 to 2010 he has remained very active in other teachers training, at conservatories and universities in Spain and Indonesia in areas relating technology and music.
His concert music has been performed and recorded by leading performers such as Juanjo Guillem, Claudio Jacomucci and Josep Vicent.
He frequently works in the fields of film, video and performing arts as a composer and producer. Remarkable works with: National Ballet of Cuba, National Theatre of Spain, TV channel “Cuatro” (soccer worldcup 2010) and film producers “El Deseo”. In the field of popular music he has produced flamenco and african music records, collaborating with artists such as Enrique Morente and Piruchi Apo.
Enrico Bárbaro
Italy- Napoli (1969)
Self-taught double and electric bass player, He starts performing at the age of 15 with groups and artists from Napoli, Since then he has dedicated his career to explore all kinds of music.
In the 90’s he attended the APM Saluzzo School studying Commercial Music and Recording Techniques. Over the years, he has the chance to share stages, recordings and projects with highly regarded artists and producers in the Italian music scene, some of them: Ornella Vanoni, Enzo Gragnanie- llo, Donatella Rettore, Jenny and Alan Sorrenti, Nino Bonocore, Savio Riccardi, Carlo D'Angio, Riccardo Veno, Vito Ranucci, etc.
Since 2003 he lives in Spain and started working with a very wide range of Spanish artists: Carmen Linares, Blanca Li, Cristina Del Valle, Mercedes Ferrer, Juan Belda, Patricia Kraus, Teo Cardalda, Camilo Sexto, and many others.
Besides of his main job as a hired musician, his passion has always been experimenting with sound proccessing acoustic instruments, as well as mixing at the studio, using the new technologies as a sound designer, close to the XX century avant-garde vanguards.
K-in* features a show inside of a quadraphonic space. An experience in the intimacy among music, musicians & audience
K-in* goes Quadraphonic!!!!!
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